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Flying Wild.. Bush Style Details
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Nothing but Era!
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Flying Wild.. Bush Style Flight Details
Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance Bid
1Montreal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau (CYUL)Miami Intl (KMIA)AAL1353B737-8001224 nm
2San Diego Intl (KSAN)Chicago-O'Hare Intl (KORD)AAL1358B737-8001496 nm
3Miami Intl (KMIA)Punta Cana Intl (MDPC)AAL1367B737-800793 nm
4Kennedy Intl (KJFK)Chicago-O'Hare Intl (KORD)AAL1351B737-800642 nm
5El Salvador Intl (MSLP)Dallas-Ft Worth Intl (KDFW)AAL2294B737-8001248 nm
6Los Angeles Intl (KLAX)Dallas-Ft Worth Intl (KDFW)AAL2400B737-8001072 nm
7Lambert-St Louis Intl (KSTL)Chicago-O'Hare Intl (KORD)AAL1617B757-200224 nm
8Piarco Intl (TTPP)Miami Intl (KMIA)AAL1668B757-2001413 nm
9Miami Intl (KMIA)Providenciales Intl (MBPV)AAL1653B757-200503 nm
10Dallas-Ft Worth Intl (KDFW)Cancun Intl (MMUN)AAL1703B757-200896 nm
11La Guardia (KLGA)Miami Intl (KMIA)AAL1709B757-200956 nm
12Point Salines Intl (TGPY)Miami Intl (KMIA)AAL2154B737-8001336 nm
13La Aurora Intl (MGGT)Miami Intl (KMIA)AAL2166B737-800887 nm
14Daniel Oduber Quiros Intl (MRLB)Dallas-Ft Worth Intl (KDFW)AAL2168B737-8001484 nm
15Miami Intl (KMIA)Point Salines Intl (TGPY)AAL2171B737-8001336 nm
16Miami Intl (KMIA)Tocumen Intl (MPTO)AAL2173B737-8001006 nm
17Philip S W Goldson Intl (MZBZ)Dallas-Ft Worth Intl (KDFW)AAL2184B737-8001037 nm
18Dallas-Ft Worth Intl (KDFW)Philip S W Goldson Intl (MZBZ)AAL2189B737-8001037 nm
19Henry E Rohlsen (TISX)Miami Intl (KMIA)AAL2290B737-800991 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 19582 nm

Pilot's Progress
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START: CYULLeg: 1 To: KMIALeg: 2 To: KORDLeg: 3 To: MDPCLeg: 4 To: KORDLeg: 5 To: KDFWLeg: 6 To: KDFWLeg: 7 To: KORDLeg: 8 To: KMIALeg: 9 To: MBPVLeg: 10 To: MMUNLeg: 11 To: KMIALeg: 12 To: KMIALeg: 13 To: KMIALeg: 14 To: KDFWLeg: 15 To: TGPYLeg: 16 To: MPTOLeg: 17 To: KDFWLeg: 18 To: MZBZLeg: 19 To: KMIAComplete
1Dan Everette - NDB832                    
2George Bowman - NDB427                    
3Lance Williams - NDB611                    
4John White - NDB977                    

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